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Tronixpro Envoy Tournament Mag Fishing Reel

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Dynabait Freeze Dried Fishing Bait

Dynabait freeze dried sea fishing baits are uniquely processed from live shrimps, squid, herring, sand worms, bloodworms, mussels, and many more creatures which fish find tempting to eat! Dynabait offers high quality and long lasting fishing bait which is easily stored. During processing all natural hormones, enzymes, taste and smell remain unchanged. Simply soak Dynabait in fresh or salt water (depends on where you are fishing) and when re-hydrated move it to a dry container, but keep moist. Whiting, flounder, bass, mackerel, dogfish, bream, perch, huss – just to name a few love the bait. No storage in freezer required!

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