Yuki 3G Invisible Nylon Fishing Line 2000m Spools


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Yuki invisible nylon fishing line available in 2000m spools is Yuki's third generation of invisible mono fishing line, it is a superior quality line with a high degree of invisibility under water. It is also ultra-tough with very high abrasion resistance.

A unique fluorine coated line that gives invisibility in the water. High abrasion resistance and a toughness to UV and saltwater make this an excellent line for sea anglers. The line also knots well and has no memory making it perfect for reel line, snoods and traces.

Yuki Invisible is an ultra-clear nylon which is virtually invisible under water. Excellent performance and great smoothness the line sits well on the spool, which provides even greater casting distances.

Length 2000m

Price per one spool

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