Flashmer Stainless Steel Slim Sea Fishing Bait Pump 32mm OTPV32

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Flashmer stainless steel slim bait pump for sea fishing lug & black lug worms.

Length - 80cm
Diameter - 32mm

Versatile bait pump manufactured by Flashmer.

Finished in Stainless Steel and fitted with pressure plates to maximize suction.

Please note that worm beds are mainly at the low tide mark, and can only be reached by walking great distances from the foreshore. Therefore you are advised to pay particular attention to the weather conditions, as well as having some knowledge of the tidal flow in the area.

Black Lug is identified by a cast that may not be black, but will have no visible blowhole like the Blow Lug has. You may see what appears to be a blowhole in the centre of the cast. Also it is worth noting that Black Lug can only be collected on the lowest tide's, and you will need to walk out a very long distance for them, so be sure you have checked your escape route and leave the area in plenty of time of the incoming tide!

Place your Bait Pump 3 - 4 inches away from the cast and at a slight angle (20 degrees) to the cast, push the pump into the sand about 4 inches and pull the handle upwards removing from the hole, clear the pump of the sand you have just sucked up, repeat the process as above.

The worm will be brought up in the sand you have removed, and you will need to check each time you empty your pump, you should have the worm in 3 strokes, if you have not got the worm you will only be wasting time and would be far better moving to another cast and trying again. Practice really does make perfect and your first attempts may well be unproductive but keep on trying!!

As you can get plenty of worms in a short period of time, and the average cost being £3.00 for 10 - it can be well worth your while pumping your own bait.
Please note that the pump requires lubricating with oil - the most suitable being ordinary Vegetable Oil. Thoroughly clean your bait pump with fresh water after every session.


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