Akios 651 CTM Left Hand Multiplier Fishing Reel


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Akios S-Line 651 CTM Left hand multiplier fishing reel. At last a serious multiplier fishing reel for left handed beach anglers.

The Akios 651 CTM is the distance model in the Akios fishing reel range and dispenses with the levelwind in favour of an open 'CT' cage making it the model for the keen beach angler. You have a combination of centrifugal and magnetic braking which allow you to wring maximum safe casting performance from the Akios CTM no mater what the conditions are.

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Detailed Specification -

Brass side plates - Original gunsmoke colour
2 Stainless Bearings in the Spool
Machined Brass Gears
CT Open Frame
Stainless Steel Power Handle
Corrosion Resistant IAR Bearing
Line Out Alarm
High Torque Winding Power
Centrifugal Brake System
3 Bearings (inc 1 x IAR)
Weight 365gr
Capacity 300yds 15lb
Recovery 23'' per turn
Retrieve 5.3:1
17.5lb of Drag

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