Dynabait Seabait Salad Fishing Bait

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Dynabait Seabait Salad is one of our most popular sea fishing bait packs and contains squid, cuttlefish, herrings, shrimps, mussels, and worms. This pack is perfect for any fishing trip due to the variety of bait in the pack.

This is a great pack of assorted bait and perfect for any fishing trip due to the wide variety of bait in the pack.

Can be used as a main bait, topping up fresh bait and ideal for storing in the tacklebox as a back up.

DYNABAIT ™ are marine, fresh water and terrestrial products uniquely processed and freeze dried to create a high quality long lasting fishing bait. During the process all natural Hormones and Enzymes remain undamaged, keep their full flavour and result in an amazing and productive reaction from the fish. As soon as this bait hits the water the explosion of flavour will attract any fish within reasonable distance, resulting in a biting frenzy and generate excellent catch results.

Working instructions:

You simply rehydrate the DYNABAIT ™ bait in fresh or salt water-depending on fishing conditions for approximately 25-40 minutes. After this time the bait will become flexible and easy to be thread on a hook. Once re-hydrated, move the bait into a dry container but keep them moist.