Fenix TK25 R&B 1000 Lumens White / Red / Blue Light Torch

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Fenix TK25 R & B is a powerful, versatile torch intended for Tactical and hunting applications. Powered by either an 18650 Li-ion rechargeable or regular CR123 batteries, this powerful compact flashlight pumps out a maximum of 1000 lumens of white light with a range of 225 metres, 150 lumens of red light with a range of 132 metres or 60 lumens of blue light with a range of 41 metres.

TK25 R & B torch features a Fenix patented rotating dual reflector system whereby there are either 2 x Cree XP-G2 S3 LED's OR 1 x Cree XP-E2 red and 1 x Cree XP-E2 blue LED's sharing the dual reflectors. This allows for twin 500 lumen well focused white light beams plus individual red and blue beams with good size reflectors in a very compact form factor. Simply rotating the head a quarter turn lifts the reflectors from one pair of LED's and drops them in place over the other pair. The light output is disabled until the reflectors are in the output position and laser engraved marks on the head & body of the torch indicate whether white or red / blue output is engaged.

Fenix TK25 R & B torch features dual tail switches, the main switch operating ON - OFF and Momentary functions whilst the smaller Mode switch selects the 4 brightness levels in White Light mode or cycles through Red High - Red Low and Blue outputs in colour mode. Holding down the mode switch in white light mode gives fast access to Strobe output. With your TK25 R & B torch switched off the Mode switch gives instant access to Strobe or High Red output depending on the reflector position.

For Tactical and hunting use, TK25 R & B is compatible with Fenix AER-03 weapon remote and ALG-00 / ALG-01 rail mounts.

Digital regulation maintains steady output as long as the batteries can support it, whilst the torch is prevented from over heating by built-in thermal regulation which automatically reduces output at 65 degrees C to protect the LED and driver circuit. Output will automatically rise again as the torch cools.

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