HTO Real D’Eel 15cm Fishing Lure 28g Includes Two Extra Bodies


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A long, soft plastic imitation sandeel lure designed for catching bass, cod and pollack. The body shape is thick moving down to a thin tail with a large, heavy paddle tail. The tail thins off to add extra movement to the paddle tail, this causes a heavy thumbing action when the lure is worked which is hard to resist for any predatory fish. The lure does not need to be worked hard to bring it to life, small rod jerks and subtle sink and draw techniques will give the lure plenty of action. It is the perfect lure for picking up big, lazy feeders such as the bigger bass and cod.

Although this lure can be fished from the shore, it works best in deeper water, a great lure to use when fishing from headlands into deep water. From a boat, it can be fished vertically or cast and retrieved, an awesome lure on reefs and wrecks. Its long, slick shape lends itself to fishing with the sink and draw techniques, where the fish will often take the lure on the drop.

It comes with corresponding jig heads in the same colours as the main bodies. Each jig head comes with three bodies and is fitted with an ultra-sharp, strong hook.

Length 15cm

Weight 28g

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