HTO Rockfish Revolution LRF Fishing Rods

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The HTO Rockfish Revolution fishing rod range has been designed to be a step up in quality from the original Rockfish rods. 3 models are available to cover all aspects of light rock fishing.

The UL model is 7'3" and capable of casting 1-8g A solid tipped rod that is equally at home fishing jig heads and soft plastics, metals or drop shot.

The L model is 7'6" and capable of casting 3-12g A solid tipped rod with a bit more "poke" than the UL, ideal for slightly heavier work and when a bit more range is necessary.

The ML model is 7'10" and capable of casting 7-28g. A solid tipped rod designed for Hard rock fishing. The main use of this rod is for fishing soft plastic baits off the rocks for Wrasse and Pollock. However it is just as comfortable fishing lighter hard baits for bass. Another very versatile rod from the range!