JigSkinz Foil Real Life Mackerel Shrink Fit Lure Skin


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JigSkinz for fishing lures are an amazing idea, the shrink wraps bring old chewed and unloved lures back to life. All it takes is a pot of boiling water to shrink the JigSkinz over the lure. JigSkinz are available in different sizes for different lures. Sizes are:-

  • small 140x70mm
  • medium 170mmx95mm
  • large 200x110mm

Price is per 1 Jigskinz / we buy these in bulk so they are supplied loose. slide the Jigskinz in place use a heat gun to part shrink in place and then complete the shrink fit with boiling water. See image examples you can also see on YouTube search JigSkinz for how to do it video's.

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