Saber Supra Compact Fishing Rod Pod

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The Saber Compact Supra Pod delivers highly transportable sturdy, dependable support to your 2 or 3 rod set-up. Supplied complete with 3 Rod Buzzer Bars, yet adaptable to a 2 rod ‘single stick’ set-up, Its ultra compact design means it’s easy to transport and the Pod is fully adjustable and will adapt to all terrains via the easy-to-use cam lock levers. Plus, you can use the goalpost set-up independently of the Pod chassis for even more versatility. The Supra‘s extended length means you can get your butt rings behind your buzzers, even with 13’ rods.  Plus, the bank stick adapters will accept any 16mm bank sticks, such as Saber’s ‘Black Edition’ bank ware.
Ultra compact design
Fully adjustable
Adapts easily to a 2 rod  single bank stick set-up
Light, durable   aluminium construction
Sleek, matt black finish
Complete with:
Central folding bar
4 adjustable banksticks
Front and back 3-rod  buzzer bars
Carry case
Pod fold down size 14 cm x 28 cm
Pod min length when erected 68 cm
Pod max length when erected 88 cm
Pod min height 19 cm Max height 36 cm
Buzz bars front 28 cm Rear 25 cm
Please note this listing is for the pod only and any rods reels and accessories shown in the picture are for illustration only.