Tronixpro Envoy Mag Multiplier Fishing Reel

Tronixpro Envoy Mag Multiplier Fishing Reel


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The Tronixpro Envoy Mag fishing reel is fitted with a precision adjustable magnetic brake system to give you full control of the cast when using the modern power casting techniques commonly employed by todays beach anglers! The Envoy Mag features a 5.3:1 retrieve and it's star drag system is capable of a stonking 8kg of smooth resistance. Fitted with the new Tronixpro Power Handle as standard for comfort and hi-speed retrieves. Available in right hand wind OR left hand wind models!


  • Brass main gear
  • Tournament style cage
  • Tronixpro Power Handle
  • Capacity - 250m 0.35mm Mono
  • Magnetic braking system
  • 5.3:1 retrieve
  • 8kg maximum drag resistance

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