Yuki AMG Z EVO Surf Sea Fishing Reel

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Yuki AMG Z EVO sea fishing reel is a precession made reel aimed at the saltwater competition angler who is looking to obtain maximum distance using lighter lines.
It's ultra-light weight and balances really well on the continental style rods which it is designed to be used with. It is supplied with three spools allowing you to change line strength should conditions and fishing style require the need to.

The body is fully sealed to make it saltwater proof and 9 + 1 Japanese bearings help to keep the retrieve nice and smooth.

Fully sealed body, Saltwater proof
9 + 1 Stainless steel ball bearings (made in Japan)
Stainless steel main shaft
High resistance graphite body
3 Aluminium spools with carbon washer
Aluminium CNC handle
Flat oscillation system
Fast ratio 4.75:1 (1.11 metres)
Power drag 15KG

Reel bag included free of charge. Please note the colour of the spools supplied may differ from the picture.


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