Tronixpro Cobra Light Beach Fishing Rod 4.2m

  • £259.99

The new Tronixpro Cobra Light is A brand new beach ledgering style rod that has been designed for British style beach fishing.

The Tronixpro Cobra Light is the brain child of Callum Graham, the designer of the Cobra and England U21 International. Callum saw a gap in the market where a British style, continental beach ledgering rod is required.

"Beach ledgering rods are sublime tools to use, they are soft, delicate, accentuate bites and never blow up fragile baits, however, they’re use in the UK is limited. Too soft to fish when there is a slight swell or breeze or if there is a bit of weed present. The problem is, these conditions don’t warrant the use of proper beach gear either! So, the Cobra Light was born, a rod with a sensitive tip to rival a beach ledgering rod but with enough backbone not to buckle under a little wind, tide or weed!

Ideal for fishing at close quarters, it has a perfectly balanced tip that is not too soft so it flops around in the wind but not too stiff so that it shows bites and doesn’t bump off fish. The rod has a progressive action with a gentle taper that allows the angler to get the best out of the rod over its entire casting range. Heavier weights will work the rod harder giving the angler a versatile rod that is great in the edge and at distance too. Perfect for those delicate baits that need optimal presentation at any distance.

The Cobra Light has the same style Cobra Green butt cosmetics but the tip section is white, this distinguishes it from the original Cobra. It also comes in the same protective bag.

The rod is constructed of high grade, Japanese 40 ton carbon producing a lightweight but ultra strong blank. This is fitted with FUJI Stainless/Alconite KWAG guides and a Fuji DPSSD P reel seat. The rod is initially available in a 4.2m version capable of casting between 50-150g.

Tronixpro Cobra Light is a great compliment to the range which is sure to be a winner for any previous Cobra owner and for anglers looking to get into this lighter way of fishing.

Length 4.2m

Casting weight 50-150g


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