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This is Tronixpro's first fixed spool range aimed directly at the match or dedicated angler who fishes with long range, fixed spool surf casting rods and needs the flexibility of using different diameter lines. Our most versatile fixed spool reel giving the angler endless options to suit each fishing situation. Until now anglers have had to source expensive, after market spools for their beach reels to enable them to carry a full compliment of lines they might require for a session. This was often very expensive and time consuming. The Virtuoso XT Reel comes with two spools as standard, a deep...

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Shut Up And Fish is run by fellow fishermen who share a passion in fishing and related products. We wanted to create an exceptional website – a one-stop shop that offers an unrivalled choice of brands and products. We are proud to say that we now offer products from Hiro, HTO, TF Gear, Fladen, SeaTech, WSB Tackle, Sidewinder Lures, Akios Fishing Reels, Storm, Iridium, Hart, Tronixpro, NGT, Evia, Fishzone, Ultra Marine, Vercelli, Yuki, Cinnetic and Hardwear just to name a few! You, the customer, are at the centre of everything we do. We want to offer you a hassle-free shopping...

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New from Tronixpro the Envoy Fixed Spool fishing reel, which is the ideal partner for continental style surf rods, helping you cast good distances every time. Features: - rubberised handle for extra grip lightweight frame infinite anti-reverse powerful front drag that'll stop anything that swims line capacity 17lb/270yds - 20lb/230yds Comes with a spare spool Available to purchase for £39.99 View Item

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