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The Yuki fishing brand has established itself as a true leader in competition circles. Yuki brings well thought out and innovative fishing equipment products of the highest quality, to the top match anglers throughout Europe and beyond. Shut Up And Fish have selected a range of Yuki fishing rods for our customers including some little none ones in the UK but well known in Europe such as the Koniro, Kiiro, Midor, Mandalay, Multipla, and Fanatyca as well as more known UK models such as the Lendor, Unica Energy, Slam Surf, and Rubymar. Together with the Yuki rods we have a...

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The Yuki Sea Max is a multi tip boat fishing rod which is 4 meters in length with 4 tips. Ideal for anglers fishing with lighter lines and ideal for competitions. It's a telescopic rod made from super light modulus carbon designed especially for boat fishing, great reliability, rigid and well balanced action make this rod complete. Perfect companion for those days at sea. Length 4m 5 telescopic sections plus four tips 135cm travel length 30-120g action MN SIC sea guides DPS reel seat 290g weight Priced at £78.00 These rods are great for match fishing in shallower waters and...

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