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The Vercelli Enygma Superfast fishing rod is a dream to cast and suitable for long range fishing. The rod is suitable for off the ground or overhead casting styles.

4.2m (14')
Casting 100 - 200gm (3 - 8oz)
Hi-Modulus Carbon
FUJI LC Low Rider Alconite guides
Inverted stripper guide
Ergonomic asymmetrical grip
FUJI DPS screw-lock reel seat with cushioned hood
Solid hybrid spliced-in tip
Reinforced ferrules
G-way system for quick assembly
Vercelli deluxe rod bag


Tested by Tronixpro Pro staff Callum Graham

“Having had a feel of the rod at the warehouse and really appreciating the weight, balance and aesthetics, I was keen to test it out on the beach. I started with a 110g lead and very simple over head flick just to get the feel of the rod, it pinged the lead effortlessly away without any dramas but then I’d have been disappointed if it didn’t! So with the same lead I turned to my usual OTG cast and gave it some welly, the result blew me away. It fired the lead on a perfect accurate arc and recovered like it had just flicked out a pebble! It didn’t snatch, it didn’t wobble and certainly didn’t feel like it was anywhere near its limit! I straightaway shouted over to Callum to come and have a play, I knew he’d love this rod too! Repeating my two casts he came back grinning like a chesire cat, but confessed he didn’t think it had much more in it, it just felt so light! So on went the 160g lead (normally I’d go up the leads more gradually, but I wanted to know what this could do!), and repeated the process. Gentle flick produced no dramas, so on the ground the lead went and round she came. To my amazement the rod behaved exactly the same way as it did with the 110g lead! I expected it to fold on the mid section and wobble like a stick of rhubarb, but it just didn’t!!!

So I guess you’re thinking that this rod will be another £500+ piece of kit that you hear about but will never own! Think again. This has an RRP of £149.99! That’s ridiculous! Really ridiculous!”.

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