Sea Fishing Tackle from Tronixpro

With a loyal following of discerning sea anglers and beach match fishermen, our flagship sea fishing tackle brand – Tronixpro, has grown from strength to strength since the Company started back in 2007.

A sub brand of the parent Company – TronixFishing, Tronixpro is driven by a mission to provide premium quality, high performing sea fishing tackle at affordable prices.

As well as being used by passionate sea anglers throughout the UK and Europe, Tronixpro’s sea fishing equipment is also chosen by some of our most successful competition beach match anglers.

Tronixpro's team of ProStaff experts regularly use and recommend Tronixpro products, as well as providing valuable input into the product development and innovation.

One of Tronixpro’s first products to enter the market was the popular innovative sea fishing rig winders – a flagship range that has helped to make the brand what it is today.

Our customers can now choose from a wide range of sea fishing gear, from attractors, beads and booms to rigs, rods and reels, and much more. Browse our online catalogue to see the full range of Tronixpro sea fishing tackle.