Akios S-Line 656 CTM Multiplier Reel For Sea Fishing

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The Akios 656 CTM is the flagship S-LINE model. Featuring an open cage and equipped with both centrifugal and magnetic braking systems allowing it to be easily configured for overrun-free casting.

The S-line 656 CTM, which is the casters dream due to all the tech spec of brass gears, carbon drag washers, brass, chrome plated corrosion resistant side plates, upgraded stainless power handle, upgraded spool release spring to stop reel re-engaging during cast, centrifugal brake, fully adjustable magnetic brake again positioned on left hand side plate by the turn of the chromed knobby. This model being a CT has no level wind and therefore has no resistance during cast and will cast to the horizon! Be sure to take care and get ready with the brakes!

  • Coming with an open "CT" cage design, as opposed to having a levelwind, the Akios 656 CTM Reel is ideal for beach anglers and is the distance casting model in the range.
  • With a combination of centrifugal and magnetic breaking, the Akios 656 CTM Multiplier allows you to get the maximum safe casting performance from the CTM no mater what the conditions are like.
  • A carbon disc multi drag system, brass anti-corrosion chromed side plates, machined brass gears and stainless bearings in the spool all come featured on the Akios 656 CTM Multiplier Reel.
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