Fishus Espetron Lurenzo Fishing Lure 38g Bass Fishing Lures

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The Fishus Espetron designed and built by Isaac Lorenzo. The Fishus Espetron fishing lure mimics very accurately a small Mackerel / Barracuda that, before becoming a hunter themselves is actually hunted by many other predators. It's Such an attractive lure for Sea Bass fishing.
It can be retrieved with the classical movement alternating speed, with stop & go, or fast retrieve to produce more commotion on the surface.
For us it is one of the best handmade lures available . Not only the quantities of fish caught with the Espetron, but also the size of the fish. It delivers quality fishing for the lure angler.

  • Size: 19.5 cm
  • Casting weight 38g
  • Floating
  • Please note these lures are not supplied with hooks