Fladen Maxximus Predator Tail Or Jnr Fishing Lure 30g / 19cm


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Maxximus Predator Tail-or Jr is a modern, lethal weapon Pike fishing lure for the predator angler. With it’s fluttering tail is it irresistable for all predators such as Pike and Bass. Tail-or Jr is sinking which means that you can fish it down to several meters depth. But if you start retrieve as soon as it hits the water you can fish it very shallow as well.

  • Trebles with VMC Hooks Imitation Lures
  • Ideal for Predatory Fish
  • Target species are most fresh and salt water predatory species such as Perch, Trout and Bass
  • Easy to control - can be fished shallow or deep

Available in different fish tempting colours

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