Gemini Genie Ready Rig Clip Down Pulley Pennel (x5)

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This Sea fishing clip down pulley pennel is a distance pulley rig. The two hooks on the pennel rig enable you to present a large worm and/or squid bait in a natural fashion.

This is an excellent rig for Cod!

Rig Specification:

Rig Body Length: 1600mm @ 60lb

Hooks: Mustad Viking 3/0 and Mustad Viking 1/0

What You Will Need To Build Your Own:

Main Rig Body: 1 x Genie Link Clip 2 x 4mm Pearl Power Bead 1 x Genie Rig Clip 2 x Genie Mini Crimp 1 x 1600mm Length of 60lb main line. 1 x Genie 80lb Mainline Swivel