Samson Enticer Sub Surface Tweak Bait Fishing Lure

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The Samson Lures Enticer sub surface tweak bait in 15g, 30g, and 50g has been designed to swim just below the surface of the water imitating an injured or fleeing bait fish.
This lure can be retrieved slow to fast, and is best worked using taps on the rod tip to impart that injured fish action.
Longer sweeping pulls are also very effective depending on what fish you are targeting, and conditions
If the fish are down deep you can let the lure sink and retrieve again with an erratic darting action.
This lure has been proven with bass, blue fish, Snapper and many other Pelagic fish.

This lure is fitted with two treble hooks belly and tail.

Each Lure Comes With 2 Free Skin Swaps!

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