Tronixpro Distance Sea Fishing Rig 5/0 Hook Bulk Buy 10 Rigs

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Tronixpro 1 Hook sea fishing rig for distance casting. A single 5/0 hook clipped down rig for fishing big baits such as squid, sandeel, large worm baits or crab at range. Ideally suited for targeting larger fish such as bass, cod, rays, smoothhound etc. Designed for use with a weight which has a intergrated hook clip. (not included)

  • Sea fishing rig for distance casting
  • Quality components made by Tronispro
  • Designed to be used with an impact lead which has a intergrated clip for hooks
  • Single hook rig size 5/0 hook
  • Bulk purchase 10 x rigs / Leads not included