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The HP30R V2.0 head torch from Fenix.

Designed for serious industrial and rescue use, It's big, it's bold, it's ultra powerful, controlled by a rotary switch with centre push button and is fueled by 2 x high capacity 5000mAh Fenix 21700 batteries.

The main beam with 4 brightness levels of 50, 200, 800 and 2000 lumens and a reach of 270m sits between 2 x 500 lumen Neutral - White pure flood lights which deliver 50, 200 and 1000 lumens. Switch them all on to turn night into day with 3000 lumens of light!

With its large battery capacity, efficient, light weight aluminium heat sink head and industrial quality components, HP30R V2.0 can maintain extreme output for longer periods than a conventional boost mode whilst effectively dissipating the heat generated, leading to longer service life.

Fenix HP30R V2.0 is controlled by a large rotary switch. From the central off position, turning the switch clockwise activates the main beam, twisting further for increased brightness. Turning the switch counter clockwise activates the flood beam, twisting further for increased brightness. Pressing the centre switch while the light is on will also activate the non running beam for combined light up to 3000 lumens.

The heavy duty battery pack features a double lock mechanism and contains 2 x 5000mAh batteries, easily exchanged for spares to keep the light shining. These are standard Fenix 21700 batteries rather than a dedicated pack, so spares can be purchased at reasonable cost. The battery case incorporates a 4 x LED meter for charging and battery level indication, plus a USB- OUT socket for use as a 10,000 mAh power bank.

Main Beam:

The main 2000 lumen LED and reflector provide a balanced combination of far reaching beam and area spill light, lighting near and far. Safe illumination for a multitude of tasks. This beam offers 4 output levels from 50 to 2000 lumens and punches out to an impressive 251 meters at maximum output.

* Low - 50 lumens (120 hours non dimming output) - 42m beam
* Med - 200 lumens (34 hours non dimming output) - 78m beam
* High - 800 lumens (12 hours non dimming output) - 156m beam
* Turbo - 2000 lumens max - 251m beam -10 to15 minutes constant output at 2000 lumens! (output will dim to 1200 lm after 10 minutes to prevent overheating. Turbo output can be re activated once the headlamp cools. Continuous (non stop) run time is 6 hours.

Pure flood beam with no distracting hard edges:

The HP30R V2's pure flood beam offers 3 output levels from 50 to 1000 lumens. From low level light that lasts for days to a smooth, powerful close in working beam with no hot spot, the flood light has you covered. Run times vary from a long lasting 120 hours working light, to an impressive 10 hours high power floodlight!

* Low - 50 lumens (120 hours non dimming output) - 17m beam
* Med - 200 lumens (34 hours non dimming output) - 34m beam
* High - 1000 lumens (20 minutes approx, then 9 hrs 40 minutes at 800 lumens) - 78m beam

Combined beams:

Both beams running in combination for wide area and distance lighting combined.

* Low - 100 lumens (60 hours non dimming output) - 45m beam
* Med - 400 lumens (17 hours non dimming output) - 85m beam
* High - 1800 lumens (6 hours) - 177m beam
* Turbo - 3000 lumens (5 hours) - 270m beam

(All figures taken from Fenix run time graph and may vary dependent on ambient temperature and user selected output variations)


With the lamp switched off, rotate the switch clockwise for spotlight mode or counter clockwise for floodlight mode.
With the lamp switched on, rotate the switch to the neutral position to turn off the lamp.

Mode switching:
From spotlight mode, rotate the switch counter clockwise past the off position to enter floodlight mode.
From floodlight mode, rotate the switch clockwise past the off position to enter spotlight mode.

Spot and Flood Mode:
From either spotlight or floodlight mode, click the button in the centre of the rotary switch to enter spot and flood mode. Click again to re enter single beam mode.

Output selection:

Spotlight Mode:
Rotate the switch clockwise to cycle through Low - Med - High and Turbo levels.

Floodlight Mode:
Rotate the switch counter clockwise to cycle through Low - Med and High levels

Spot and Flood Mode:
Press the central switch in either spotlight or floodlight mode to enter combined mode. 4 combined outputs are available in Spotlight Mode and 3 in Floodlight Mode.

Fenix HP30R V2.0 headlamp other features:

Battery pack extension cable included for pocket or belt use (great to keep the batteries warm in cold weather)
4 helmet attachment clips included
Reflective headband with anti slip silicone strips
2m impact resistant
Overheat step down at 60c
Weatherproof to IP66 (heavy rain and spashing)

Available to buy here

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