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New Esparrall swimbait lure from Fishus by Lurenzo.

This lure is sure to bit a hit with the lure angler its a 76mm 16g customisable lure. 

A tiny sinking swimbait of only 76mm and 16 grams, extremely versatile, that can be cast and moved with most medium spinning equipment.
The Esparrall stands out from other swimbaits available on the market, starting with its high profile, imitating from a small bream or oblada to a perch, which makes it tremendously effective on both fresh and saltwater.
Comes with two super-sharp 3X strong treble hooks, allowing several types of configurations:
By removing the lower hook Esparralwill become a floating swimbait, the rear hook can be replaced by a spinner blade, a feather or a rubber skirt.
Its bib grants it great stability in currents, swimming with a perfect glide both in linear retrieve and opening the slalom twitching the rod tip.

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