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A rod with lofty ambitions, it takes its name from the N70 Nebula, a luminous bubble of interstellar gas, a birthplace of powerful new stars.
These massive formations of gas profoundly affect their environment, leaving their mark on the future for generations to come.
A rod named after such an immense and powerful entity needs to be special, and it is. This is the very best bass blank HTO
have ever built, we believe it to be one of the best bass rods ever made for the UK and European bass angler.
The price of this rod was the very last thing we had in our minds when we set out on the N70 journey. We wanted to create the very
best bass lure rod we could, with zero compromise. The blank itself is built from 40ton Carbon from renowned Japanese manufacturer,
Mitsubishi. This carbon base is coated in M4 resin which adds incredible strength while retaining the highest elasticity and
sensitivity, creating a blank wall that is 100 times higher in tensile strength compared to steel of the same thickness. Finally a layer of
45 degree helical carbon tape is wrapped around the blank giving it an extra layer of protection and a unique spiral look that doesn’t
compromise the blanks performance. This building process makes the rod featherlight, crisp and with an extra fast action that will punch lures to distance with pinpoint
accuracy while maintaining the very best action for working lures to their highest levels of efficiency and attraction.
Fitted to the blank are Fuji Titanium Framed Torzite 2 K spinning guides. We chose these guides as they are super light to fit in with the featherweight blank, they are also highly efficient. Their design
dramatically reduces line twist and gives the line a much more direct motion of travel through the guides for more efficient and accurate casting.
They are suitable for both braid, fluorocarbon and monofilament. A Fuji VSS reel seat completes the rod, with a Winn grip handle that is soft to the touch, provides excellent grip and is

HTO N70 Labrax Special

There are four models to choose from:-

N70 Labrax Special: 8’9” - 6-40g
The baby of the bunch packs a mighty punch! Don’t be put off by this model being
the shortest. This rod is seriously comfortable and user friendly and fishes a massivecasting range of lures exceptionally well. The “89” fishes just as well with an 11g plug as it does with a 40g metal, a seriously good all-round lure rod!
N70 Labrax Special: 9’4” - 7-42g
Ideal if you want an all-round rod but prefers a little extra length. This rod will cast
plugs, soft plastics and metals all very well and is a joy to work surface lures with.
N70 Labrax Special: 9’9” - 8-44g
Can’t decide between a traditional lure rod and a shore jigging model, then the “99” offers you the best of both worlds. With enough finesse to work smaller lures with precision but also enough steel to blast heavier lures to the horizon. Don’t stick a flake in this 99!
N70 Labrax Special 10’4” - 9-46g
With an increased interest in shore jigging in the UK, we wanted to make a rod that fits into this growing trend. Allowing you to cast a wide range of metal jig sizes with confidence with a phenomenal casting performance that lets you fish further than you ever have before. Not only a casting machine, it retains enough sensitivity to feel everything and work lures with precision and not just metals either, its perfect for launching heaver soft plastics and plugs too.

HTO Labrax Special N70 Lure Fishing Rod

You can view and order the HTO N70 range on our website.

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