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A rod with lofty ambitions, it takes its name from the N70 Nebula, a luminous bubble of interstellar gas, a birthplace of powerful new stars. These massive formations of gas profoundly affect their environment, leaving their mark on the future for generations to come. A rod named after such an immense and powerful entity needs to be special, and it is. This is the very best bass blank HTO have ever built, we believe it to be one of the best bass rods ever made for the UK and European bass angler.

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Favorite Cobalt 902M 9-28g. These rods have specifically been designed for shore fishing and at 9ft and rate 9-28g there are ideal for most of our sea bass fishing here in the UK. They will have no problem sending out a hard bait to the horizon and when you hook up plenty of power to get that fish back.

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One of the many qualities of Samson lures is the craftmanship that goes into making each one! All lures are handmade to perfection, wired through, weighted for casting maximum distance, and lathe turned for anti tumble, whilst maintaining a realistic action vital in enticing fish to strike.

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The HTO Canine is a long casting, floating surface lure in a classic topwater shape.Its long body is rear weighted allowing it to hit long distances with ease where other lures may struggle. Ideally suited to targeting bass.Weight 26gLength 135mm View in the shop

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Yokozuna FCM is one of the best bass catching lure designs available, the FCM is an impressive caster with a perfectly balanced weight distribution. The lure really comes alive in the retrieve, a walking the dog lure that responses to even the slightest rod movements giving you the ultimate in precision fishing. Depending on the speed of retrieve this lure has an impressive swimming action from walking to splashing to sliding across the water. An irresistible pattern for bass and similiar to the popular Xorus Patchinko. Available in two sizes 105mm 12g, 140mm 29g and in an assortment of fish...

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