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We're delighted to announce a brand new range of high end lure and jig fishing rods which have been launched under the HTO Lure Fishing brand. These rods have been designed to be the very best lure and jig fishing rods featuring the best materials and components. Each rod excels in performance, is lightweight and responsive. Rock n’ Force A collaboration between lure rod giants Hearty Rise and HTO delivers a fantastic range of four Ultralight rods covering all styles of LRF and light game fishing. Constructed of Japanese high strength TORAY carbon fibre combined with Hearty Rises NET-VII technology...

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HTO, HTO Fishing Rods, HTO Rockfish, LRF Fishing Rods, Lure Fishing Rods, Rockfish -

HTO provide a range of high performing lure fishing rods at prices to suit all pockets. The HTO Rockfish range offers incredibly popular, fantastic value LRF or light lure fishing rods. Real all-rounder’s, our Rockfish lure rods are ideal for general light rock fishing using jig heads, small metals and drop shotting. They have also gained a cult following in freshwater as they make a truly ideal perch fishing lure rod. The Rockfish Revolution range of rods has been designed as a step-up in quality from the original Rockfish rods. Rockfish Revolution is our range of solid tipped rods that are...

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