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We're delighted to announce a brand new range of high end lure and jig fishing rods which have been launched under the HTO Lure Fishing brand.

These rods have been designed to be the very best lure and jig fishing rods featuring the best materials and components. Each rod excels in performance, is lightweight and responsive.

Rock n’ Force

A collaboration between lure rod giants Hearty Rise and HTO delivers a fantastic range of four Ultralight rods covering all styles of LRF and light game fishing.

Constructed of Japanese high strength TORAY carbon fibre combined with Hearty Rises NET-VII technology to create an amazing naked blank, with the lightest model weighing just 68g!

Add to this wonderful blank a Fuji Skeleton reel seat and Fuji Titanium K guide frames with SiC linings and we hope you agree that these rods are simply stunning!

Available models are:

  • The Rock n Force Extra Ultra Light is 6ft 9in and is rated from 0.5 to 5g. It only weights 68g, creating a highly balanced, precision rod that when combined with UL PE Lines makes micro lure presentation a dream. This highly responsive rod is ultra sensitive to detect even the slightest of bites but with reserves of power to play that bonus larger fish.
  • The Rock n Force 702LL is a versatile lure rod that is rated from 1.5 to 14g. It is sensitive enough to present a fine bait yet powerful enough to cast a heavy rig such as a Caro for use in deep water and current or at distance. A balanced, responsive yet powerful rod, this is an excellent choice for the micro lure angler fishing a variety of situations.
  • The Rock n Force 752LL is the longest rod in the range at 7ft 5in and is a capable, all round premium rod. Rated to cast 1 to 10g it retains its super sensitivity whilst having enough power to cope with bigger fish when required.
  • The Rock n Force 702UL features a 7ft blank that is light and balanced yet responsive and powerful. Ideal for fishing harbours, estuaries, rocky gullies and snaggy bags.

Shore Game

Modern lure fishing tackle has changed significantly in recent years with many anglers importing the latest technologies from Japan. With these new Shore Game rods now available from HTO, we feel we have brought the UK Domestic market right up to date with current lure angling trends.

40T Japanese carbon is woven in a 4 axis Quattro Grid X technique to create incredible lightness and strength to the blank, which is fitted with the finest quality fittings including a Fuji VSS real seat and Fuji Titanium Framed K guides with Fuji Torzite inserts.

HTO have tried to keep the cost of these rods to a minimum, whilst expensive they do offer good value for money in what you get.

Available models are:

  • Shore Game 96MLM – A true distance tool that can punch out your favourite lures to where the fish are feeding. The light and responsive blank works with the angler to transmit a truly authentic action to lures at distance. The extra length of the 96MLM gives it the power to cast to distance but also to negotiate a feisty fish around snags and structures.
  • Shore Game 882LML – The pinnacle of shore bass rods when a little more finesse is needed around light surf venues and estuary mouths. The rod is designed to be highly accurate with a good recovery and to be as responsive as possible. This combines to give the angler the feedback they need when working lures for a truly sensational lure angling experience.

All of these great rods will be in stock soon.

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