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Featuring perfect actions for fishing with a wide range of ultralight lures and tactics, good quality fittings and a modern look, it is hard to find an LRF rod that can match the HTO Rockfish range.

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HTO Shore Game S932ML 7-30g is a new model in the HTO premium range of rods designed for the Bass angler. A light, strong and highly responsive blank constructed from 40 ton carbon with a Quattro Grid X weave wrap. Each rod is equipped with quality fittings including a Fuji VSS reel seat and the latest Fuji Titanium Torzite guides.

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HTO Nebula M, casting 7 to 35g it’s the perfect tool for fishing weightless soft plastics or hard baits.

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We're delighted to announce a brand new range of high end lure and jig fishing rods which have been launched under the HTO Lure Fishing brand. These rods have been designed to be the very best lure and jig fishing rods featuring the best materials and components. Each rod excels in performance, is lightweight and responsive. Rock n’ Force A collaboration between lure rod giants Hearty Rise and HTO delivers a fantastic range of four Ultralight rods covering all styles of LRF and light game fishing. Constructed of Japanese high strength TORAY carbon fibre combined with Hearty Rises NET-VII technology...

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Shut Up And Fish is run by fellow fishermen who share a passion in fishing and related products. We wanted to create an exceptional website – a one-stop shop that offers an unrivalled choice of brands and products. We are proud to say that we now offer products from Hiro, HTO, TF Gear, Fladen, SeaTech, WSB Tackle, Sidewinder Lures, Akios Fishing Reels, Storm, Iridium, Hart, Tronixpro, NGT, Evia, Fishzone, Ultra Marine, Vercelli, Yuki, Cinnetic and Hardwear just to name a few! You, the customer, are at the centre of everything we do. We want to offer you a hassle-free shopping...

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