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Espetit Lure, Fishus, Fishus Lurenzo, Fishus lurenzo lures, Fishus Lures, Fishus lures UK -

The Fishus Espetit by Lurenzo is an ideal surface lure for fishing in fresh water and salt water of any predatory species.

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Don Belone, Fishus Don Belone, Fishus Lurenzo, Fishus lurenzo lures, Fishus Lures, Garfish fishing lure, Lurenzo don belone -

Fishus Lurenzo Don Belone are a long 23cm needle fish shape lure which imitate's a Garfish. They are an ideal lure when fishing for Bass or other predatory species.

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Fenix, Fenix Headlamps, Fenix HM65R, Fenix Torch, HM65R -

The Fenix HM65R is a dual LED torch which has both 1000 lumens and 400 lumens. It is waterproof to a depth of 2 meters and perfect for all outdoor activities including caving, fishing, camping etc.

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Bass Fishing, Favorite Cobalt, Favorite Cobalt 902M, Favorite Rods, Lure Fishing Rods -

Favorite Cobalt 902M 9-28g. These rods have specifically been designed for shore fishing and at 9ft and rate 9-28g there are ideal for most of our sea bass fishing here in the UK. They will have no problem sending out a hard bait to the horizon and when you hook up plenty of power to get that fish back.

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Sea Fishing Luggage, Seat Box, Seat Box Conversion, Seat Box Rucksack, Tronixpro -

Designed as a viable alternative to conversion type systems for the Tronixpro Beach Seat Box and other Beta Box style boxes. The Tronixpro Beach Seat Box Rucksack eliminates this, providing a solution that can be removed when needed.

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