Big Dog Eagle Aviator Polarised Sunglasses


Lens Colour: Blue
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Big Dog Eagle polarised sunglasses. Everybody loves aviators! Classic style with lightweight wire frames that are comfortable to a level where you don’t even know you’re wearing them. The frame arms are shaped to fit around you ear snugly and securely. The frames allow plenty of air to move around the glasses making them great in hot weather. All lenses are polarising, which takes the glare off the water allowing you to see into the water better. They come with a Big Dog hard case and microfibre cleaning cloth.
  • Classic style, lightweight frames that are comfortable and secure allowing plenty of air movement.
  • Large lenses that offer a complete field of view.
  • Polarising lenses to remove glare from the water.
  • Come with Big Dog hard case and microfibre cleaning cloth.



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