HTO Slim Wreckerz Sandeel Fishing Lures

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A new take on the classic design of the traditional rubber eel. These eels are 150mm in length. They come in six different colours with four of these colours opaque to reveal an attractive silver, holographic inner foil that maximises attraction. There are two solid colours, sunrise which is a yellow/red twin tone lure and a glow in the dark, green, mackerel version. Each lure is slightly weighted and can be fished on their own with a steady retrieve or can be hopped when fishing from a boat, in light tides and lesser depths. When fishing in deeper water, they can be fished on a shad / flying collar rig or on a hopper rig. They’re deadly when fished over wrecks and rough ground for cod, pollack and bass.

15cm length 3 lures per pack
HTO soft baits are designed to have a realistic swimming action that big fish can't resist!
A soft lifelike texture keeps the fish holding on
Available in several colours