Inova Bait Binder Kit Sea Fishing Bait Elastic

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The Inova Bait Binder kit is a quality product and it’s vital for any bait fishing. As bait juices make contact with the elastic thread, it soon rots and weakens. Anglers need to know the thread is fully functional on demand, each and every trip and the Bait Binder does exactly that by fully protecting the thread. It also maximizes your fishing time and aids better bait presentation.

It comes supplied with three different spools, a light thread on a orange spool, the medium thread on a green spool, and the heavy thread on a blue spool. The thread type is also new and improved giving easier flow off the spool, plus its easy to remove.

The Bait Binder also comes with a new style heavy duty lanyard specifically designed to minimize the chances of it blowing around in the wind when its hung around the neck ready for instant access. It’s also non-slip so that the lanyard stays in the chosen adjusted position.



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