Tronixpro EVA Rig Winders

Tronixpro EVA Rig Winders


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Tronixpro EVA foam rig winders come in packs of 10. Our standard sized winder, 6.5cm in diameter but with a larger 1.8cm width. These are ideal to use for standard rigs but also for rigs with some bulk. Rigs with plenty of beads, blades, sequins, pulley rig beads and bigger hooks will all suit this type of winder. Twenty of these rig winders will fit in our Tronixpro Rig Winder boxes and they come in a wider range of colours compared to the rest of the winder range, with ten colours to choose from. This is the rig winder of choice for most anglers and is used extensively by top end match anglers and international teams. Perfect for keeping your rigs neat and tidy.

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