Yuki Bocon Spare Fishing Reel Spool Bag

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Yuki Bocon spare fishing reel spool bag. Designed for the increasing number of anglers who are fishing with fixed spool reels.As more and more anglers are converting to this style of fishing, the need to fish with lines of different diameters to take advantage of a fishing situation is becoming more common place.In order to do this, anglers are taking multiple spools with them on each session.

The Yuki Spool Bag has been designed to store spare spools in an organised and protected way.It features moveable dividers so that the angler can optimise the bag to store any size of spool. In addition to holding spare reel spools, it is a good bag for storing spare spools of line, accessories and can even be used to store multiple, smaller, multiplier reels.

It can also be connected to another Yuki Bocon via the connecting clips.

Size 29 x 17 x 8cm

Price is for one bag and spools in the picture are for illustration only.